Knife philosophy

by About The Sun

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Dark, but touching Progressive Rock with northern calm.

Arrakis teaches the attitude of the knife - chopping off what's incomplete and saying:
"Now it's complete because it's ended here."
- from "Collected Sayings of Maud'Dib" by the Princess Irulan"
- Frank Herbert, Dune


released June 29, 2012




About The Sun Kamchatka Krai, Russia

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Track Name: Prologue. Ask the fireflies
In wander, ask the fireflies
About road. Waiting for you,
Want take much time till daybreak.

Said they’ll be alive.
They point you path, and sun will meet you after,
At smouldering grave.

You never loss and death
Not come to you, it will not indicate
The last days.

This world still don’t
Have time.

He search for spirit, but see just iridescent shades
Of words, pronounced aloud.
They walk from northern highlands to the south
Tread you paths,
Bring everybody goes around. Gods
Don't leave tranquility places
So as not raise the anxiety of doubt,
Hands, that hold eternity.

Go out from this cold highplaces,
East fairy stories stupefy.
Just instil hope
For better strange dreams.

And glance to eternity from high not give
Sense semblance,
Time stream here not foresee
Becoming spring.

Go to the east,
There only, in a desert
Wind wiping any footprint
Left by people.

And never find a cloak, while you remember names
Of your gods. When leave the path
You cut like with the knife all thoughts
And wires of endless words.
Discover: this is power
Of shackles, keeping world.
This birthlike weakness.

And you was born, your weeping by heavy breath
Was blow away, like banner of
Mountain tribes was blow
Away the prayers, written not by words,
In land of deserts. So go to east.
Shaft of light not deceive, he check this, be
Divide doubts in chapters, allot for names sight dawns.
Track Name: Last day of native sunrises
You see of daybreaks ocean, take a count
How many times you notice this light,
How many times you slow down march,

Of names tract you confused,
And streets abrupt? Daybreak and twilight
No difference if you desire.

Answer you will not take at all.
And boundless making life so long,
Absence of colors tangles. Night
Not change day, dreamy moon
Shining. You every knew
Of all you turn. And you can proof the world.
But this ideas not your work. This story
Just nobody knows.

Start never been, roads not determined.
That day is now the last day,
This stare is your first.
Track Name: Name Orn
Keen rocks, seagulls, view at ocean,
Paths, lead for cognition.
Peaks, strong white shelter - for sages land,
Boundless view, by fogs breaking.
Fear of the height, familiar you.
Here darkness reigns, silence of the severe truth.
With scorn observe, he name Orn carries,

This first doubt chapter.
Monk, saint and demon.
Symbol of assurance, offending secrets,
Know-all, three pairs of eyes, and step by step,
Turned to scene,
Land, in safely narrowness,
It is envelops all colors
In white palette.

But here young birds not find cosinnes,
Just eagles may have nest in rocks.
Mistakes, experience, knowledges keep
In old plumage.

Here nobody never born, from afar here one come
To highplace, to higher purpose.

Have learned not all, but many names before,
At rest and at the time death want look.
Remember this place, remember name Orn,

Here begining and end of doubt.
Remember symbol of three minds,
"Know-all" - here name for hopeless dark.
Track Name: Fantasy about architect
Your glance leads to fantasies heared,
Roads full of strangers, like you.
And every character can find here pair:
"Go night - go away".

Like opposites united whole,
Reversibility of motion from sea to riverbed
Break them. What was a bottom once,
Now two unachievable lands,
And Nile divide them at ones.

Look at this strange face,
Face of return. He spent
All evident symbols. But he has strength enough
He go
To old wrecked castle,
Where will he live and will remember overfor
Stories about thirst
In freedom places
Of dialectics and strength of ground strong.
Track Name: Name Lushen
In descent, have a low march,
Opposite fix by words
Of past chapters endings, you make your face unrecignizable.
Or imperceptible, like citadel of places this.
But now you in glory hands
Of Lushen, because you feeble.

On left the mountains, you have come plain.
Forest shelter from the weathers, of life carefree,
This place is only for eternal flourishing.
But lost you grand when take a gift.
Without difficulties here impossible
Tact of moves, needs, friend and enemy
United now. Damnations here

Here all harmony determine
In rivers, blooming grass.
Here nothing to desire, and mellow sunset.
Here you lost like futhark,
Here reign Lushen
And you are in his hands.
Track Name: Hidden night fansy
Another countries, ancient ways create,
Keep by habitual horizon.
Place, where sunset flame creates,
We take a night time,
To perform, ignore sun beams.
Meet stranger at you path
In desert, face details obliterated.
Decor of etern spin from two mirrors,
Words, like judgment ring:

"Doubt - for fantasy scope,
Of beggar clothes would be rich,
Like feathers of bird unsimply.
But only one is fitting
To take a god name, who delight
This thoughts to dust not efface,
But who oppose - turn dust to rapture,
Cuz dust is really scope".

Immediately after sunset remains,
Colors pouring of two hundred rainbows,
Of desert scope changing beauty
Of sence created citys,
He change his character
For rich bird plumage.
And make self-secret with clouds fog.
Track Name: Name Tecey
As ussual you go away
Without this freedom concept.
Fragments of life leave terrestrial decorate
Through view. East closer,
Sun warm safely, but horizon softly.
No place for strong sences,
Words from boundless highplaces
Forgotten third time.
Now everywhere sand
Of lived lifes.
And if you meet someone, among dunes,
Not recognize his face through tatters
Of clothes. Young Tecey,
Random mirrors glitter on his neck,
All colors next moment,
Full range of rich bird plumage.
But it's just chapter last,
Last name this suddenly.
Then - choice, then our lie,
False sympathy or scorn.
This words of contradiction and crowning,
Content all other names.
Track Name: Epilogue. Forget the names
Forgotten primaries, and not think about end,
Refute you, many laugh,
Who basics on sand paints. Melt
Snows, in silent waiting
Of regular new creator.
He can came, he can find disillusionment,
He was rooten to road of wisdom words and he didn't understand
Born lonely importance,
Inherent for masterpiece and slender dreams.

Boundless plains not give
Chance to awkward coasts be free -
Flow yield to awkward effort.
In escape, you meet uncertainty and yourself.
If you disappeare in self-abyss, find for yourself
Stories, much forgotten.
But you meet this infinity in waiting for end
Of events, last for centuries.
Everyone can guess final,
Forgot sides of world and empty names.